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Reviews Elsewhere – Bi The Way by Lois Shearing

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I came across this review on the Scene website, and I wanted to share it with you because one of the things we know is that LGBTQ+ folks are more likely to deal with mental health issues, and also suffer a higher rate of suicide. So while the book is about being Bi, and not directly about mental health, during Suicide Prevention Week I think it’s important to share resources for groups who often struggle with seeing their own stories told. Based on the review, I think this book seems like exactly that type of thing, a voice of an underserved group.… Read More

Sharing – Why I Post About My Mental Health on Facebook

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Those folks need the opportunity to see another side to the story, and the more people who can safely tell their stories, the more we can let those folks know that they are, in fact, not alone.

If I’ve learned one thing from having this website for close to 20 years and being active on various social media platforms, it’s that you never know who is reading, and how it might impact them. Some people will tell you, and others will never mention it, but they are reading it. Would you rather be the person who helped someone feel less alone, and provided some hope, or the person who shut them down?

I know which one I have chosen.… Read More

UK Teacher Response to BBC R4 Survey

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BBC Radio 4 reported on the response to a survey given to teachers in UK schools and the results regarding the ability to tackle peer-on-peer sexual abuse in the classroom. The results of the survey have been summarised at the BBC’s News website. The link is below.… Read More

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