Lunchtime wanderings

My wife did a wonderful job of packing me a lunch for today, and I did an equally wonderful job of forgetting to grab it this morning on my way out. 🙂

So, I was off at lunch to walk around downtown a bit, have some food, enjoy the nice weather, etc. It was a little too hot, but not the unbearable heat we’ve been having. Yesterday, since I was at a conference, I grabbed some street vendor fare and found myself a nice shady spot near the Statehouse to enjoy my lunch. Today I strolled around for a bit, got something from the deli and took it back to my office. Both occasions were a nice break from sitting in my office, looking at PC’s all day. I need those types of “stress breaks”. They keep me sane, they are a good defense against dissociating, because they deal with stress in a healthy way, not allowing it to build into an unhealthy mess. On the other hand, it’s somewhat sad that I have to worry about it, and watch my stress levels so carefully. Considering the alternative, I’m more than happy to be careful and watch my stress levels, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to worry about the alternative…

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