Kids in trouble

These sorts of things always break my heart. First this morning I learned that a good online friend of mine’s seven month old son, Jayden, has viral meningitis. That’s not as bad as the bacterial strain but it’s troubling just the same for a seven-month old to have to deal with. Secondly is the 12 year old who’s run away from home. Steven and others in the blog world are trying to use some tech to track down her whereabouts through AIM communications. If you’re the religious type please give up a prayer for a couple of kids. (Or if not, at least save a thought for them at some point in your day..)

By the way, Jayden’s father needs to blog. They have twin seven month old boys and another on the way this summer. That’s alot of blog material!

Update: The doctors are telling his parents that Jayden is going to be ok. He’s still in for some time at the hospital and a somewhat lengthy recovery but he did smile at his parents today, and appears to be improving!!

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