Depression and faith

Now some of you may know that I’ve certainly had my personal run-ins with religious leaders and Christians over the issue of depression and faith. For those of you just tuning in, there have been a large number of folks who have been of the belief that depression is just a sign of weak faith and that the “fix” to depression is not medical but a matter of more prayer. These people have, at various times, felt the need to express this belief to me in no uncertain terms. Obviously, I do not feel the same.

That’s why it was nice to see Billy Graham, of all people, advising a man whose wife is suffering from depression to seek professional help!

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  1. I too have heard ministers say that mental illness does not exist and insist that it is a weakness or a lapse of faith. I find that ignorance sad and destructive.

    I’m not that surprised to read that Rev. Graham does not share these views. I’ve always found Billy Graham to be rational and compassionate.

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