Leaving Behind Beauty

Something in Douglas Welch’s latest Career Opportunities column about Ugliness and Beauty struck a chord with me. In it Douglas urges his readers to consider their daily actions and whether they are creating beauty in them or ugliness.

Recently I have had reason to communicate with a few folks at work that I normally don’t get to interact with very often. Back when I worked at the Help Desk, it was quite common to work with them, but in the year I’ve been working Litigation Support, the number of people I work closely with is much smaller. Many of the secretaries or non-litigation staff who I used to talk to regularly and enjoyed chatting with, I simply don’t see very often.

After discussing this fact with a couple of them I came to two realizations. One, I needed to make an effort to get out of my office more. Not that I need to blow off work or go interrupt other people when they are working, but we work in an environment that is cordial and friendly, so it wouldn’t hurt me to spend a few minutes simply walking up the stairs, and through a hallway or two instead of sending things in the interoffice mail. That would give me more possibilities to pass folks in the hallway, or walk past their desks and get the chance to say a quick hello.

The second realization is the one that really fits in with what Douglas was talking about. I don’t have as many interactions with people as I used to, that makes it imperative that I leave behind something when I get the opportunity to. It’s the difference between a friendly “hello, how are you?”, with a friendly smile and just being lost in your own world and hurrying past everyone. I’m lost in my own thoughts too often. Heck, I’m lost in my own thoughts and in my own office too often!

I challenge you to think about the daily interactions you have with people, and how you can make them have more beauty.

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