Welcome to the new Survivors News and Reviews blog!

By adding a new blog to the Child Abuse Survivor website, I hope to be able to provide a place for the community at large to share insight, ideas, and suggestions for helpful tools. I won’t be the only person publishing here, any survivor is welcome to post their book reviews, website reviews, important news items, etc. All you have to do is ask to become a regular and I’ll gladly create an account for you.

I’ll also be dropping in occasionally with short pointers to interesting things. Things that I think would be helpful to survivors, but don’t have the time to write up a longer blog post about, or my impressions of books and other resources for survivors.

Of course, as the site owner, I’m going to require any post to be reviewed by me before it goes live to the site. As with all things I do here, my first concern is to provide a safe discussion environment for survivors to come and feel less alone. Anything that does not further that purpose, simply won’t get published.

I hope that this proves to be an informative and interesting place for survivors as we go forward from here. I’m excited about the possibilites, but none of that will come to fruition without your involvement. If you want to share your own reviews and interesting found items, let me know and we’ll get you set-up, either using your real name or a pseudonym. Please read the About page above for more information. Or, you can also contribute simply by coming back, and being involved in the comments. Either way, I look forward to what you have to say!

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