Online Paedophile Ring centred around Nursery, convicted

Four months after her initial arrest, one nursery worker, Vanessa George, today admitted sexually abusing at least 30 out of the 200 children she was looking after in Plymouth, England. She then sent the pornographic abuse images via her mobile phone to two other paedophiles, Angela Allen of Nottingham and Colin Blanchard in Rochdale. The children ranged from babies to toddlers only and the pictures were deliberately framed to minimise the possibility of identification.

The three offenders, who kept the paedophile ring entirely online and claimed to have met over social networking sites before using mobile phones to the thousands of text messages, and were caught before any intended meetings could be organised, only met when in court for conviction. Their second meeting in the same room will be for their sentencing in November – due to the linkage and teamwork of three different police forces in England, all three paedophiles admitted their crimes and there will be no further in-depth trial, since the details of the actual offences perpetrated happened both in June and today at the court.

Channel 4 News reported the proposal of a general study into the longer term effects on the children over up to 20 years, though at the moment the framework and whether the parents will be involved, or whether it would solely be a psychological or purely a police study which might help future victims, it might not, at least for this case the resources *should* be there for either victims or witnesses due to the scale of the cluster.

The story will generally unfold as the print media write their reports and we’ll link to their coverage as it appears, tomorrow. For the moment, check the usual sources such as BBC News online and Sky News who had the immediate reaction on their 24-hour channels.


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