Billy Ray Harris and Charity

It’s not directly child abuse-related but one story that stuck around during the start of the year is that of homeless man Billy Ray Harris who returned an engagement ring to someone that placed it in his cup by mistake when giving change. It’s an understatement to say that the story became a worldwide phenomenon and the funds raised as a thank you from the owner of the ring have now gone over $180,000.

It’s definitely an example of the good you do coming back to you even without any religious or faith-related thoughts around it, and also the power of social networking actually working in someone else’s favour for change rather than becoming a bunch of narcissistic rubbish. One of Harris’s first remarks was that he felt the money was undeserved. Clearly the guy needs to write a book once he reaches the end goals of a house and a job.

It’s just one donation I’ve made recently but unlike the regular BBC Comic Relief telethon, Harris was an intentional one as opposed to the BBC’s general formula of seven hours of emotional blackmail on a Friday night. it’s great that this is a grass-roots charitable drive not carried out with a celebrity attached or for anything other than to glorify honesty and integrity from someone who may have been stereotyped in a negative way due to circumstances. It’s even better that there’s no tax claim deductible from any domestic donors either, so there’s nothing in it for anyone at home in America to give money to a stranger.

Also check one of the four highlighted links on the general Giveforward page for a separate blog post about Billy Ray Harris by a different person that befriended him before worldwide media attention arrived at his feet.

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