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The Atlantic has an article today about a sudden increase of movie portrayals of older women sleeping with teenage boys. They rightly point out that while these relationships are portrayed as “no big deal”, you can guarantee that there would be outrage if the genders were reversed.

Maybe it’s time we started to recognize that teenage boys being coerced, manipulated, or outright forced, in to having sex with older women is not a positive occurrence with no consequences, but I fear we are moving further away from that bit of truth, not closer to it.

Unfortunately, the message we are sending young boys is that they are nothing more than their libido, and that being completely preoccupied with sex is normal for them, they can’t help themselves, they are male. They can never be sexually victimized because they always want it.

Yeah, there’s a message that will lead to raising men with healthy attitudes toward sex. SMH

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