Two Channel 4 Programmes for CAS

It’s been ten days since UK TV Channel 4 screened two programmes with abuse themes: their fictional flagship soap Hollyoaks screened the culmination of their second male rape storyline in the show’s history, which has recurred after 16 years, sadly second time around it wasn’t as effective.

Later in the same week they redeemed this with the real-life documentary Paedophile Hunter in which a Youtube vlogger and his production team gathered evidence of online grooming and confronted those groomers before presenting the evidence to police. The main contention was the fact that he only uploaded five minute edits to Youtube though, whilst the police got the whole recording every time. It caused wide and varied debate although that was the only follow-up.

Whilst the soap was fictional clichéd rubbish this documentary represents a return to form for Channel 4’s documentary strand even though it wasn’t in the branded Cutting Edge series. You can watch both programmes at with approximately three weeks left to view them in the 30-day catchup window (to see the Hollyoaks trial which took the whole week look for the omnibus edition of Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th October).

After the 30 day catchup window UK viewers would need to make an account to view the documentary at the Channel 4 site although they have done a deal with Youtube as well to allow programmes to be seen for longer. If viewing this post from December 2014 then search on the programme titles at if Channel 4 no longer host them.

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