Reading – Surviving Child Sexual Abuse By Helping Others

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In my humble opinion, being able to use a profoundly negative experience like child abuse as a way to help others dealing with the same trauma is a great way of moving past the victim mentality. As you may know, my day job is in training, so you probably won’t be surprised that I see a straight line path from learning something to sharing that knowledge. I truly believe that it’s a sign of maturity and health to want to share what we know as we go through the healing process. Sometimes that can come across a little strong and overbearing, but I’d rather see survivors sharing, and learning how to more appropriately share through practice, than not trying to help other survivors.

So yeah, I think looking outside of your own experience is a strong sign of healing, as well as something that we, as a community, should strive to do.

How has helping others helped you in your healing? Or have you had the opposite experience?

Surviving Child Sexual Abuse By Helping Others

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