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Link – Two-thirds of children referred for mental healthcare in England not treated

Sadly, this is probably about the same in other countries as well.

“Data from 32 NHS Trusts in England showed about 60% of under-18s who are referred to child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) by their GP are not receiving treatment, according to figures obtained by Spurgeons children’s charity.”

The reason I believe it’s the same in other countries is because I know this reality is also true:

The news comes after it emerged that children with anxiety and depression will be guaranteed treatment within four weeks in a effort to improve mental healthcare, but the lack of NHS staff and funding means the plan cannot be fully introduced until 2021.

We don’t have the resources to treat mental health issues. Whether you want to talk about kids self-harming, youth and adult addiction, depression, PTSD, and on, there aren’t enough resources to go around. And I don’t know how we fix that, truthfully. It’s going to take so much more than what have done so far, and I just don’t see the will to truly make radical changes on this issue.

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