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Link – Mental Illness in Youth Often Goes Undetected

Left untreated in childhood and early adulthood, we end up with adults with symptoms that get continually worse over time.

She says that ideas of how mental illness “should look” are so prevalent, it is difficult to believe that someone who doesn’t look mentally ill could be struggling. In fact, a study out of Duke University reports that only half of teenagers with mental health problems receive treatment at all.

This isn’t good. I have also been on record as talking about how what we expect depression, for example, to look like makes it very hard to identify boys who are struggling with it. They don’t “look” depressed. They “look” angry and distracted. So we don’t recognize it, don’t treat it, and wind up with men in a worse state.

Early intervention is so important, but as the article below says, that requires adults, and healthcare providers, to recognize the symptoms, we can’t expect kids to know it themselves if we don’t.

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