Sharing – Mobile apps, text messaging enhance access to mental health care

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Good, now let’s make sure there’s more of it available.

“In a recent survey, nearly half of adults nationwide said they would be comfortable receiving mental
health care via telemedicine. Moreover, approximately 50 percent of adults are willing to try speaking to a personal licensed therapist via video or phone, and 48 percent would communicate via text messaging or a mobile application.”

For many, there is no possibility of the regular trip to the therapist office that we often imagine mental health care to be. We need more of these kinds of resources if we are going to make a dent in the large percentage of people who never get any treatment, and the more we can move to these types of tools, hopefully the more availability there is for more elaborate resources for those who need that as well. We only have 50% convinced so far, but if these last few months have shown us anything, it’s that we can make do with virtual tools. And, in the absence of any in-person mental health options, not to mention the privacy of accessing them without leaving the house, I hope we do continue making these tools available.

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