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Sharing – Tips for Anyone Experiencing Mental Health Issues for the First Time

This Allure article below actually seems like something we should be sharing, because right now everyone is feeling something, a lot of things, that may be completely new. I mean seriously the world is pretty overwhelming right now, you’d have to be dead to not feel something. But not everyone knows how to cope with that.

“For people who have never experienced poor mental health before, it can be difficult to know whether you’re just having a series of bad days or are dealing with a mental health issue.

“It’s normal to feel anxious, sad, frustrated, and exhausted in response to various life stressors, especially given all that’s going on in the world right now,” says Sellers. “But if your strong feelings are getting in the way of you taking care of yourself or completing tasks, if they are negatively impacting your sleep or appetite, if your worries are all-consuming and all you can think about, or if you are feeling hopeless and suicidal, those are definitely signs to seek professional help.””

There much more at the link. If you have questions about yourself, your family and kids, friends, or even random strangers, it might be worth your time to learn some things about mental health.

For those of you who’ve been down the mental health issue road before, what would you say to someone finding themselves overwhelmed right now in ways they’ve never dealt with before? What are you doing to take better care of yourself?

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