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It’s Important to Have the Uncomfortable Conversation – Blake Lively Talking about CSAM

Want to see what happens when someone who is completely used to performing in front of people and cameras all of the time, without appearing nervous at all, tries to talk about child abuse and Child Sexual Abuse Materials?

Watch this speech by Blake Lively. Notice how, even as a professional who is in front of people all of the time, she’s struggling with her words, she’s fidgeting with her ring and with what to do with her hands, she is feeling every second of being in front of that crowd and delivering this message. I don’t want to pick on her either, in fact, I have nothing but praise for her. Because that had to be hard. That looked like a struggle. She had to be emotionally exhausted after doing that.

But she did it anyway, because it matters. It’s important. Bravo.

And remember folks, this is important. You don’t need to wait until you’ve perfected the presentation or your own story before you share it. Share whenever you are ready and have the opportunity.


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