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Sharing – Twenty-year study links childhood depression to disrupted adult health and functioning

This is a really detailed, long-term study and shows us something I think many of us suspect. That kids who develop depression are more likely to go on to struggle as adults in many different ways.

Also, that the kids who developed symptoms and got treatment, showed fewer issues than kids with symptoms who were unable to get treatment, but not as few as kids who didn’t have symptoms to start with.

So it’s clear that this quote is true:

“”The literature is clear that we have effective treatments to help children who are dealing with depression. The problem is that in the real world the majority of children with depression never receive any treatment at all and have to cope with this challenge on their own. This study highlights the consequences of this unmet need.””

And, it’s also true that our current treatment methods are still lacking as well.

The proper treatment, available early, makes a huge difference. How much of our adult mental health issue would be eliminated if we could do this? Not all, certainly, but not an insignificant amount either.

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