Sharing – Aly Raisman Talks Healing from Triggering Senate Testimony

One of my favorite things about Aly is the fact that she is willing to share honestly about not just what happened, but how she is still healing, and what that looks like. For example, testifying in the Senate Committee isn’t something you do, and then it’s over. It’s complicated.

“Healing is a roller coaster, and there are certain moments where I feel like I take a few steps forward and then I take a lot of steps back,” she explains. “And I definitely feel like testifying was really triggering for me, and I’m still kind of dealing with the effects of that … I think this is, unfortunately, what survival looks like.”

This makes complete sense, but I fear it’s something we don’t remember when it comes to our own healing. We kind of forget that there are ups and downs, and we also tend to forget just how much energy and effort is involved in talking about it anywhere, let alone in front of a Senate Committee and national audience, and how that’s going to impact us for a time.

What Aly, and the other gymnasts, did that day in the hearing is brave, but we’d do well to also recognize how much energy that took as well, and the need to recover from that energy expenditure, because we should also be applying that to ourselves, and our own healing.

Sometimes it’s going to go well, other times it won’t, and still, others will require us to simply take some time to recover our energy.

That is all normal, not a sign of failure. We should make room for it when we want to judge our own healing.


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