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Sharing – 5 Tiktok Accounts For Your Mental Health

The folks at Painted Brain provided this interesting take and then some suggestions on following some mental health advocates on TikTok. But I think this holds true for any platform.

While social media has its inevitable downsides- decreased levels of self-esteem, increased feelings of isolation, etc- if we are going to engage on these platforms, we may as well flood our feeds with helpful content that will reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

If you have caved and joined the 800 million other users, then these are five TikTok accounts that you should be following to help out with your mental health.

I joined TikTok with similar thoughts to what I do on other social platforms as well. But, it turns out creating video content is a little harder for me, so it hasn’t been as active as I’d like it to be. Maybe I just need to follow this advice, find helpful and insightful content and let myself be inspired by it?

Check out the ones they suggest, and let us know if you have any favorite TikTok accounts related to mental health that you’d recommend?

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