Sharing – Mental Health Reminders for the New Year

Janet offers 10 suggestions that fit this description:

“I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I can barely plan my day, let alone the whole year. And I’m also not big on making commitments I know I can’t or won’t keep.

Instead, I remind myself of certain behaviors I think I (maybe) can accomplish and refer to the list as often as needed.”

Personally, would I do all of the things she listed in exactly the way she would? No. But, I can easily come up with my own list of things that I can do during any given day that would help my mental health. Things like engaging in a hobby every now and then, reaching out to people, even online, or reminding myself that I don’t have to map out my whole year in advance, I can simply make it through today and count that as a success.

What would your list of small actions you can take to help your own mental health a tiny bit at any moment look like?

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