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Sharing – The Power of Believing in Yourself

I enjoyed reading this article by Marianna Pogosyan. This is something that I have found time and time again in my own life:

“When we think of a big goal simply as a series of small goals one after the other, it can give us the courage to dive in. Over time, as people acquire a sense of mastery over various skills, they will also accumulate self-efficacy beliefs. Once you realize the principle of these learnable self-regulatory skills, you can apply them to different situations.”

The way to start believing in yourself is to have experiences you can look back on and draw strength from. When I feel anxious about something at work, meeting new people, moving, or other stressful situations, it helps tremendously to recall when I have already successfully done those things.

Or, sometimes it helps to remember the times I wasn’t successful, but I survived nonetheless. That can also be a huge relief, the memory that these failures, or accidents, won’t kill me.

Either way, to have these memories to reflect on, we’ve got to get out and try some small things. So we can fail or succeed and live to tell the tale.

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