Sharing – Back to the future?

Ben Miller suggests that the best way forward when it comes to mental health support is to go back to a past where we had more community:

To me, a guy who has committed his life to advancing mental health, this article nailed what I think many times we miss – that to advance our communities mental health and well-being – we need each other.

We do need each other. There is no replacement for the support of another human being, regardless of what that support might look like. Just not being left alone with our struggles is a source of support.

This then brings Ben to another important point. Imagine if we all had a modicum of education about mental health and could not only show up for each other but show up with some educated actions to take.

This is how we overcome the lack of professional resources by banding together, learning how to be supportive, and taking the kinds of small actions that help. Truthfully, there is nothing stopping any of us from doing that as individuals while we also push for that kind of education to be widely available.

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