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Self Love Is a Struggle Because We Know Our Own Faults

Part of the problem with self-love and self-care is that we know ourselves better than anyone else. We all know this to some extent but don’t think about it often enough. When we are asked if we would treat another random person the way we treat ourselves we look around at the people in our lives or on our social media feeds and think, “no, they don’t deserve that.” The reason we say it that way is while we can maybe see some of their faults, mostly what we see is what they put out.

We are also likely to notice the good qualities of people who are important to us much more than any bad ones, but what we see is typically not the whole picture of another person.

We don’t get that option when it comes to our faults. They are there with us every day.

So when I see an article talking about ways we can develop better self-love that starts with this, I need to share it both as a reminder of this reality and also as a place where maybe we can learn something better.

“It is much easier to love others when we just see their best qualities. It can, however,  be difficult to practice self-love when you are the only person who sees yourself for what you present to the world and knows the inner workings of your brain (which can be some of the ugliest parts of yourself).”

We never get to see the thoughts of other people if they choose not to share them. We see ALL of our own thoughts, however. That puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to deciding what we “deserve” compared to others. We might do well to assume that everyone has the same kind of thoughts that we do at times because we all do. We just don’t talk about them and share them with the world. (Most of us anyway)

And, we all deserve self-care.


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