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Sharing – How To Help De-Escalate Bad Situations When You’re In Public

Following up on the news that I mentioned earlier this week. Here’s some expert advice on this topic:

“What could have been done in the Neely case, and what should you do in a context where someone is in a mental health crisis or getting violent? Speaking to HuffPost, experts in de-escalation shared their advice for anyone who wants a variety of tools that could help.”

I think we can agree that having a manic episode in public shouldn’t mean you can be killed. We’d like to think we would be better than that but faced with an uncomfortable situation that is exactly what happened. Probably because no one on that subway expected that the possibility existed and hadn’t considered how they would act and how it might help until it was too late. The article linked below offers some good advice for how to both keep yourself safe and also de-escalate the situation. Which is what should happen if at all possible. Escalating the situation rarely ends well. Someone died in this case. Let’s do what we can to prevent escalation so that no one has to get hurt.

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