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Shared Links (weekly) April 4, 2021

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Ask a Black Therapist: 5 tips to support Black mental health during the Derek Chauvin trial

Teens and depression: How parents can help

9 books about mental health and wellbeing to read in 2021

A ground breaking campaign that changed the mental health landscape

How to Save a Life  – Suicidality is on the rise in 2021. Talking about it can change everything.

Book of the Month March 2021 – A Tiny Spark of Hope: Healing Childhood Trauma

I Use Everything in My Resilience Toolkit to Keep My Mental and Physical Health Intact.… Read More

Sharing – New children’s book uses sea creatures to teach kids ages 4 to 8 how recognize and talk about abuse

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No, it isn’t fair that we have to have books to teach children how to protect themselves, but it’s reality. I don’t want small children to have to learn about the possibility of being abused, but leaving them uneducated and more vulnerable is not an option.

Oh, the other thing I appreciate about this book? It is focused on the danger from people the child already knows. Our “stranger danger” approach to child abuse has been terribly lacking for decades. I’m glad to see someone taking that on.… Read More

Reviews Elsewhere – Level Up by Michelle Ribiero

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Michael Dinich provides some insight into a book designed to help all of us become mentally stronger, and build resiliency:

Michelle Ribiero’s guidebook for mental toughness transcends its goal by being more than a self-help book, but a testament that anyone, anywhere, can achieve their goals with the right advice.… Read More

Sharing – How the Stigma of Mental Illness Has Evolved Over Time

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There is a whole world of people who aren’t looking at blogs like this one, or trying to talk about mental health on social media. Sure, there’s a lot of us who are, and I love supporting those folks by trying to share information, or just check in. But, that’s not going to change the stigma that exists in society until all of those other folks, actually come in contact with mental health struggles in real life. As long as that’s not happening, it’ll remain stigmatized, and “something that happens to other people”.… Read More

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