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Sharing – Twenty-year study links childhood depression to disrupted adult health and functioning

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This is a really detailed, long-term study and shows us something I think many of us suspect. That kids who develop depression are more likely to go on to struggle as adults in many different ways.

Also, that the kids who developed symptoms and got treatment, showed fewer issues than kids with symptoms who were unable to get treatment, but not as few as kids who didn’t have symptoms to start with.… Read More

Sharing – 3 Less-Known Reasons Why Men Don’t Talk about Mental Health

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The article below goes into some of that, and it is definitely something to consider. Do we “excuse” men who self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, are irritable and lash out, etc. as just men acting out? Or do we consider that those are depression symptoms just as much as the ones we see in the media every day? (Which are almost always women looking very sad, and mostly white women at that.)

Frankly, if I considered being irritable, drinking and acting out as just part of being a man, I probably wouldn’t even know to talk about my mental health. We need to be sure and talk about all aspects of mental health, and what symptoms might look like, before we can expect people to know enough to talk.

For men, we may not be doing a good enough job.… Read More

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