Bad Things Happen

All of us have survived bad things, most of us have survived some of the worst things we can imagine. We’ve proven to be capable of surviving all the bad things that life has thrown at us over the years. Yet many people live in fear. Fear of change, fear of people, fear of what the next day may bring. As if insulating ourselves from change was going to prevent bad things from ever happening again.

It won’t.

Bad things are going to happen, no matter how much you try and protect yourself from them. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do what you have to do to be safe. Survivors especially need to feel a level of safety in order to go about their lives and that shouldn’t be ignored. I don’t advocate putting yourself in unhealthy risks. I do, however, strongly advocate not being afraid of trying something new, of doing something outside the routine. Simply put, I’m a strong advocate of living life, as opposed to living to avoid things that you cant do anything to avoid to begin with.

It saddens me to see friends and fellow survivors unable to do more. Unable to do some traveling, unable to go out on a date, unable to find a more fulfilling job, or unable to take a small risk to find some more happiness in their lives. It’s literally heartbreaking to see people who have overcome so much, and shown so much strength, live unfulfilled lives because they’re afraid.

It saddens me most of all because I’ve been there, and learned better. I know how much I missed out on by living in fear. I know how many exciting opportunities I talked myself out of because I was comfortable, and afraid of change. Eventually, though, I also learned that whatever happenes, I will survive. I’ve already survived, and I know how to overcome some horrible things. So have you.

Have the confidence in yourself to know that you can survive whatever may happen. Yes, that date might not go well, the car might breakdown on that road trip, you might struggle to learn that new job, or whatever opportunity your pursue might not work out, leading to disappointment.

You can survive that. You are strong. You’ve already proven that to everyone but yourself. It’s tme you believe it too.

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