Survivors more likely to have asthma?

According to a study, yes. Why, on the other hand, is anyone’s guess. Is it due to abused children being more likely to be exposed to second hand smoke? Could be. I was exposed to second hand smoke as a child, but I don’t have asthma. I do, however, have numerous allergies, and had many problems with ear infections as a child that have left me with slightly damaged hearing as an adult.

So I know second hand smoke does affect children, but does it explain the study results? Or is the study’s data questionable? What’s your experience been?

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  1. Hello im Lindsay i am a survivor of Asthema I was born with it and I have a twin sister named katlyn who has brain damage and our mother when she was pregnate with me and katlyn she done alot of drugs and now thanks to the i cant be around cut blue grass,cigarette smoke,dust,and other things and my twin is in a wheel chair with brain damage and its all thanks to my mother.And today im still having trouble with Asthema and I am very sick with Asthema as i write this

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