Link – UK Mental Health Study

This is a really interesting, but quite lengthy, read. Brandwatch put together a large survey of UK social media conversations.

We analyzed over 12 million conversations to understand how mental health is discussed online.

A couple of interesting takeaways I got, though I’m sure you may come away with different ones:

Clearly events like Mental Heath Awareness Week are creating a lot of conversations, as do big news events involving famous people. Most of that conversation is about depression and anxiety, there’s little conversation about other mental health issues. They measured eating disorders and body dysmorphia, which have such little conversation about them online compared to depression and anxiety. That surprised me a little.

We should probably continue to work on bringing attention to other issues, and have these conversations all the time. I can get behind that.

Also, the clear effect that online bullying has on people, which tells me two things. One, we are not nice to each other at all online, and two, that we’ve not managed to build resiliency that would allow us to be less affected by other people’s opinions in ourselves either.

Go read the whole thing though. What are you taking away?

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