Sharing – How to Reduce Anxiety on Sunday Night

This is an older article from Andrea, but I think it’s something many of us can relate to, that feeling on Sunday night of dreading going back to work, or school. For me, it’s usually a sign that I’m not in the right place, if it’s happening every week, but sometimes even if I’m happy and confident in my job, there are weeks when I could do with some of her tips. Because I identify with this:

Sunday night anxiety was worse for me than any physical sickness I have ever experienced. Throughout the many years I have journeyed with anxiety, I have acquired some tips that help me reduce the intensity of my Sunday night dread. I now share three of these tips with you in hopes that some or all of them will help

One of the things she recommends is a gratitude meditation, and while I’m not really in to meditation, I do like to remind myself of all of the good things in my life. It’s hard to continue spiraling in worry while I’m also being reminded of the safe place I have in the world, with the love of my wife, family and friends.

That usually gets me back to being able to do some of the other things she recommends, like changing the tune in my head with reality. 😉

Do you have Sunday night dread? What coping mechanisms help you?

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