Reviews Elsewhere – If You Say So

Found this review over at the Santa Monica Daily Press as part of a column by David Pisarra.  In it, he talks about an app for domestic abuse sufferers to document what is happening secretly, but he also mentions this book by James Sweigert. I’ll let David’s description speak for itself:

I recommend “If You Say So,” as a tremendous resource for anyone who is struggling with addiction, abuse and trauma. I would suggest that if you know a man who is battling any of these issues, get him this book. Sweigert’s prodigious writing skills pour out through this book in both the imagery he uses, and his emotionally on point language that will penetrate the male brain and its defenses. I’ve worked for 20 years with men, and I know how to get them to open up in person, I’d say that this book will provide the men who need it, with the path to their own recovery.

If you’re a male survivor like me, you may want to consider it. If you’ve read it, let us know your own thoughts.


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