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Mental Health Blogs

Kevin has put together what he’s calling the “The Best Mental Health Blogs We’ve Found (So Far)” over on the Blunt-Therapy website.

He was kind enough to list this little blog among the 49 blogs that are already listed, and he’s taking suggestions for more.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we really need more information, education, and support, when it comes to mental health. Maybe consider checking out his list, following these bloggers on social media of through email or RSS subscriptions, and spend some quality time finding better mental health?

It sure beats a lot of the other things we do online that aren’t helping our mental health, no?

I plan on spending some time perusing the list myself, I know there are some folks on there I’m not familiar with, and want to see what they have to say. Let us know if you find any cool blogs among this list that are new to you, or any you’d recommend our readers here should take a look at!

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