Reviews Elsewhere – A Treasure Box for Creating Trauma-Informed Organizations, by Karen Treisman

Over on the British Psychological Society website, Dr. Kirk has a review of this two-volume resource that I thought was pretty interesting, and timely. As Dr. Kirk says:

This book seems especially relevant now. As the jaws of the Covid crocodile loosen their grip on organisations, they have potential to become less reactive and recover their reflective capacity. The baseline assessment allows them to ask, ‘what is happening in our organisation?’ and identify a realistic vision of ‘what do we need to prioritise?’ The resources have much potential for creative application, but might benefit the development of peer support networks for those working through it.

I think this is something many of us would agree with, the people in our organizations have all been through trauma, some in more ways than others. Trying to simply go on as if nothing has happened is a disservice to the human beings in your organization, no matter what type of organization we are talking about. Taking some time to recognize what has happened and how we go forward from there is an important step. It sounds like this “Treasure Box” may help us all do exactly that.

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