Sharing – How building a support system helps my mental health

Anya shares what she does to build her own support system. It might not look like yours or mine, but it’s what works for her in overcoming addiction.

“Let’s be honest – if knowing how to build a support system was already common knowledge, a lot of us probably wouldn’t have gotten caught up in the throes of addiction in the first place.

I needed to identify what support types would benefit me because there is no one-size-fits-all in that department. “

What I really enjoyed about the list of things Anya uses to support her own well-being is that some of them are simple activities, yoga, reading, knitting, etc.

Many of us think of our support network when it comes to addiction, mental health, healing trauma, etc., in terms of the people around us. That’s an important part of it, yes, but there are also the things we do to support ourselves. Those are important too.

My list of support activities doesn’t look at all like Anya’s, but it’s there. Getting out and taking photos, learning new technologies, writing, listening to podcasts, etc. Those things keep me connected and involved with the things that interest me, and they are an important part of taking care of my mental health.

They are just as much of a support to me as the people I know are there for me, and I know I need all of the things in my support toolbox.

What is on your list?


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