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Link – Guy Therapy: Why It’s So Important!

“But, it seems to me that we’re unfairly judgmental, because we don’t appreciate that traditional talk therapy has always been more oriented toward women’s ways.”

What do you guys think? Would more guys be open to, and helped by, therapy if they could get sessions geared more toward the way we think and interact? I think it could help, but I am also aware that truly good therapists see each individual as just that, an individual, and can gear the sessions to what will be most effective for them. Male or Female is irrelevant in that situation. I know that I benefited from a therapist who put into practice some of the things that Linda goes on to talk about in this article.

But, I have to agree that overall the way therapy is often portrayed in the media and popular culture would be a turn off for a lot of men. It doesn’t have to be that way. We should not portray it in such a way that it discourages people to get help. I’m for anything that will change the negative perception of going to therapy.

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