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Reviews Elsewhere – Burn This City to the Ground – N. Daniel

Terri over on the Bookly Matters website has a review of this book, and describes it as:

Part memoir and part heart-to-heart expose on the tragic and invisible lives of the underprivileged, mentally ill, disabled and homeless, you may not like all the people you will meet in this book, but you will definitely find yourself touched by them, and the circumstances they find themselves in.

One of the things we often turn our attention away from are stories like this one, where we come face to face with the lives of people who we would rather didn’t exist, but they do. And their lives, touched by trauma, mental illness, disabilities, etc. often play out in the shadows, the details hidden from the view of “proper” society. I haven’t read this book but from the description, I would guess this book makes an attempt to bring some of those details out of the shadows. This is a good thing, especially for so many of us who have been in those shadows and are quite aware of how many others continue to do so.

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