Sharing – The Way We Show Up

Claire Louge, the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona shares a personal story with an important reminder:

“The way we show up can even help shape a person’s whole world view. If we respond with compassion, we just might help someone feel a bit safer not just in the moment, but in the way that they carry themselves in world. Because maybe if people are willing to inconvenience themselves to make sure you’re okay, maybe this world isn’t always so scary. It can sometimes even be unexpectedly meaningful.”

How we show up for other people matters. We can provide that place of safety in which they can heal and flourish. Too often, we don’t, though. We don’t know what to do, so we don’t show up. We don’t understand the importance of showing up, even if it’s not perfect, just to let people know that they are not alone in difficult situations. Everything is harder when you go through it alone, so show up for your people.

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