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It’s All About Connection

I found an article written by Vassilia Binensztok, Ph.D. over the weekend where she was offering some advice on how to be of service.

She writes from the perspective of someone dealing with loneliness or even depression and the connection that can come from even small acts, like giving a stranger a compliment. Those small moments of community can help us feel better, bit by bit, and most importantly make us feel connected to a community of sorts.

I read it from a different perspective, that of someone struggling with what to do for people we care about who might be struggling. What greater gift can we give them than moments of community? I think the final paragraph of Vassilia’s article says it best:

Service is a value. Service is connection. Service means leading from the heart. Service connects people who might not otherwise interact. Service connects people who might not otherwise feel connected. I’m always amazed by the power of just one person doing the right thing, or by how much we can change lives by extending a hand to just one fellow human. I believe in finding ways to be of service daily, even if it’s something small like holding the door open for someone. You never know whose life you will change through service. It just might be your own!

We all have the ability to create these moments of connection. Unfortunately, too many of us choose not to. That is to our own detriment as well as the other people we could impact.

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