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Reviews Elsewhere – The Inflamed Mind: A Radical New Approach to Depression

Tina Arnoldi’s review of Edward Bullmore’s book includes some interesting observations about the multiple possible causes of depression, and the multiple possible treatments. The book focuses on inflammation, but I think this paragraph is the way we should be looking at something like depression:

Bullmore provides a thorough analysis of the latest research on how inflammation might cause depression. Although much is still unknown, he confidently states, “we can move on from the old polarized view of depression as all in the mind or all in the brain to see it as rooted also in the body; to see depression instead as a response of the whole organism or human self to the challenges of survival in hostile world.” With more holistic treatments available for mental health than ten years ago, our culture is at least moving in the right direction to see more than one option for managing ailments like depression.

What we see here is another possible connection to depression from something physical in the body. Are we sure that inflammation causes depression? No, not yet at least. The research isn’t complete on that, but I do like the idea of looking at various causes, and wondering if maybe, instead of having one solution for depression, we look at a wide variety of potential causes, and treat accordingly.

Much like we saw with the breakdown I did a while back of childhood trauma and ACE scores, where there was an increase in the likelihood of depression, it didn’t explain all of the cases of depression, not even close, this early research that indicates a connection between inflammation and depression needs to be further evaluated, and if a treatment can be devised to help some people dealing with depression, great.

Because we are not all the same, and our depression is not all caused by the same thing, there’s no reason to continue believing that we would all respond to the same treatment. It’s obviously not what is happening out there.

What do you think? Have you read much research into inflammation and depression? Read this book? Tell us more.


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