Link – Depression Analogy Description, What Is Depression Like

Foggy Morning in MaastrichtI find it to be pretty accurate as well. How about you?

“”You don’t know why, but now everything you eat tastes like mashed potatoes and nothing you eat is satisfying,” it reads. “You keep eating because you must eat to live, but the effort that it takes to prepare food is taxing and there is no pay off. You just know it will taste like mashed potatoes. You just know you will still be hungry. So you stop bothering with seasonings.”

“You still feel hungry and you’re sick of the taste and you don’t know if you will ever enjoy food again and you don’t know why this is happening,” the post continues. “If someone comes up to you in this scenario and says, ‘Well have you tried spicing your food? Using different ingredients? Eating foods you used to love?’ It isn’t necessarily helpful because the reason you stopped doing all that in the first place is that everything…tasted…like mashed…potatoes.””

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