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This is such an important thing to remember when you are reading social media, blog posts, articles, etc.

“But depression, despite the fact that it is known by that single label, represents a broad constellation of symptoms. Some people might be anxious and angry while others find themselves withdrawing from society or unable to make decisions. Two depressed people are never the same and shouldn’t be treated as such.”

Just because an article on a popular website says something worked to “cure” their depression, doesn’t mean it will for you. It also doesn’t mean that you’re incurable and hopeless either.

Similarly, if a study shows that taking vitamins can help with depression, or exercising helps with depression only means that it helps slightly more than doing nothing among a large group of people who were studied. It is not a cure-all for every single person.

Depression, and just about any other mental health issue, is not the flu, or something just about everyone can take an antibiotic for and just get better. It manifests itself in so many different ways, that we cannot expect one thing to work for everyone. It’s more complicated than that.

So keep trying, keep pushing, until you find the things that work for you.

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