Sharing – ‘I suffered alone for 7 years’ – The Men In Need Together mental health support group that’s saving lives

What I really enjoyed in reading about Joshua’s work with MINT is that he saw a problem, sadly through the loss of a friend, and his own struggles, but also saw an opportunity to do something about it.

Quite frankly, there is a problem. In fact, I’d say there are a lot of inter-related problems. A growing mental health problem in society, men with nowhere to turn to get help, while also being told they don’t need it, and a mental health system that is completely overtaxed. So, he created his own resource, a peer-support group. That it has now grown to 5 groups, with plans to add more, just shows how big the problem really is.

Most of us, however, cannot quit our jobs and run a resource like this. But how can we become a source of support for the people in our lives, a safe person for them to open up to? Because that is desperately needed as well, and far too lacking for too many people who need it.

Again, we can see the problem, and while we are powerless to fix it at a societal level, we can make a change in our own little circle by making sure none of our friends feel the need to suffer alone for 7 years the way Joshua did. No one deserves that.



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