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Sharing – Stress Management: An Act of Self-Love

I know for me, stress management was both a big part of what I learned and worked on during therapy, and continues to be an important part of self-care. This is something worth considering:

“In today’s society, the habitual way of dealing with stress is to fight, escape, avoid, or reluctantly put up with it, while also trying to accomplish our daily goals. There is a good chance that we can survive this way. After all, many of us have survived doing it this way for some time. However, putting all of our mental and emotional energy into fighting, escaping, avoiding, and putting up with stress all comes at a very high price. “

The price for me is poor mental health. When I’m not managing my stress, or letting stress run rampant and doing all the things listed above instead of finding healthy solutions to handle it, I put myself at risk for sliding right back into depression, or even dissociation.I know this, because it’s happened before. I have lived the results of not having any idea how to manage stress. The results were not pretty.

That’s no way to take care of myself.

How are you when it comes to managing the stress of modern life?


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