Reviews Elsewhere – The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting by Sarah Naish

I found this review by Ali about Sarah’s book. It’s not necessarily for everyone, but I think if you’re a parent of a child who has been through trauma, whether you’ve adopted them as Suzy has, or your biological child has been through trauma, this book might come in handy.:

As a mum of two through adoption, I’m always researching and reading. I’d message other parents I’ve got to know on Instagram, asking if their children had experienced similar things. The answer was yes and one of the recommendations was this book.

When I read the “Basics” chapter, I had a lightbulb moment. Was Sarah describing my son? Soon I realised that a lot of children who’ve experienced trauma and neglect, can (not always) have very similar behaviour traits. Obviously, they come in all different shapes and sizes. But all those behaviours were what I couldn’t quite describe, because sometimes I just couldn’t find the words Sarah has.

So, while I’m an adult survivor, I know there are some folks who read this blog, or follow on social media because they are parenting, or fostering, kids who’ve been through their own traumas in their young lives. If that describes you, maybe take a look and see if this book can be a resource for you.

Or, perhaps if the book isn’t your thing, maybe take a look at the We made a wish website about adoption, for more resources and to connect with others!

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