Some Concrete Ways You Can Support Someone Struggling With Their Mental Health

The original idea for this article a few years back may or may not interest you as a possible gift idea:

21 Coupons to Give a Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health

But, I will ask challenge you to go read the article because whether you give a coupon or not, the ideas are solid examples of the kinds of things you can do for someone you care about who is struggling. Often we avoid someone who we know is struggling because we are uncomfortable, not knowing what to do to help them. Well, here you go. Here are 21 things you can do. If you’re in proximity to the person, you can help them with necessary chores like laundry or grocery shopping, or simply accompany them on a walk. If you are maintaining contact with them at a distance, you can still have coffee together, offer a safe place to vent, or assist them with medicine copays. There are plenty of other ideas in the coupons and maybe just thinking about some of these examples will inspire some ideas of your own that would be appreciated by the folks you know.

What else? What can you do for the folks who need someone to simply be there and offer to help do something? Anything.

Or, what was something that someone did for you when you were struggling? What do you wish someone had done?

Feel free to share your own ideas.

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