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Sharing – Facing Down a Mental Health Crisis

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The pandemic and other events have, perhaps, crystalized this reality for people, but let’s not kid ourselves. The lack of available treatment resources for many, many people has been a sad reality for years. Decades even.

Simply finding more therapists isn’t going to cut it. I’d agree with that conclusion from the article, and perhaps some of the ideas shared could help. I don’t know if they will, but I know what we currently do, doesn’t work for too many people.… Read More

Sharing – Nine in ten female young offenders are victims of abuse, research finds

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“The vast majority of young women in contact with the criminal justice system have experienced significant trauma and disadvantage. This can be a key driver for their offending, whether that is being coerced into crime by a partner, sexually exploited or using drugs or alcohol to cope with what they have experienced. 

In spite of that, when they then come into contact with the criminal justice system, too often the response does more harm than good or is retraumatising, such as the use of force, restraint or isolation.”… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 17, 2021

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On The Mind: How Trauma Changes You

What It Really Feels Like to Dissociate — And How To Feel Better

Why Change Is Hard Even When We Know It’s Needed

Action on childhood trauma ‘could help solve drug death crisis’

That feeling you can’t name? It’s called emotional exhaustion

The Eraser: Confronting childhood trauma through art and photography… Read More

Sharing – Nicole Phelps on Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ depression

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I was so glad to see that Nicole is seeing her own therapist and developing her own support, and that the article refers to her own trauma. It is trauma to deal with the possibility that your loved one will not be here anymore because of what their own depression is doing to them. We should take that very seriously, and act accordingly.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 10, 2021

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Yes, You Matter

How I Used Reading to Cope with Trauma

Psych News Alert: Study Confirms Well-Known Suicide Risk Factors, Identifies New Risks

The mental toll of the Capitol siege on the American psyche

Black communities have long faced barriers to mental-health care. These organizations are working to change that

How to Protect and Empower Kids Online: An Interview with Wired Human

Study: Self-blame in young assault victims alters recall… Read More

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