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Sharing – The Psycho-Physiology of Relationships: What You Don’t Know

This is a powerful statement.

“Relationships are at the root of mental health in every way.”

For abuse survivors, we know this, even if we don’t always think about it. It’s the damage from abuse at the hands of another person that has such a huge impact on our mental health. It’s the reason when we talk about it occurring at the hands of a family member of loved one that other people struggle to believe us. That the relationship would be the source of abuse is unthinkable to people with good relationships.

But, we can also turn that statement on it’s head as well. It’s relationships that can undo that mental health damage that was done by abuse too.

That’s hard to read, I know. Because it also means we have to be willing to be in the kind of vulnerable relationship that would allow that to happen, and our history with being vulnerable pretty much sucks. That will take work. Hard work, over a long time.

But, as we see in the article below, if unhealthy relationships can do damage, healthy ones can have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. Find the people who can provide that, around you, or in survivor groups online, or wherever you can get around people you can trust.

They’re good for you, and you can be good for them.

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